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Useful links and documents

NASA ESSP Announcements
NASA ESSP Schedule
Solid Earth Science Working Group (SESWG) report
NAS review of the SESWG report
Global Earthquake Satellite System (GESS) report

Draft of the Strategic Plan for the US Integrated Earth Observation System
Earth Change and Hazard Observatory (ECHO) Proposal science section
IGOS (Integrated Global Observing Strategy) Geohazards Theme Report
Integrated Operational Requirements Document (IORD)
WInSAR Consortium and Bylaws
The National Academies, Report in Brief, Climate Data Records from Environmental Satellites: Interim Report
Smith, Laurence, C., 2002, Emerging Applications of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) in Geomorphology and Hydrology, Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 92(3), 385-398. [pdf]

Workshop presentations and write-ups

Introductory Remarks (Andrea Donnellan)
Charge to discipline groups/Workshop approach (Bernard Minster)
WInSAR presentation (Mark Simons)
Example of existing resources presentation (Ken Jezek, Waleed Abdalati)
SAR missions and hardware presentation (Paul Rosen)
InSAR processing and analysis advances presentation (Howard Zebker)
Creating a community working group for InSAR advocacy (Jeanne Sauber)
Crustal Deformation Breakout Group presentation
Cryosphere Breakout Group presentation
Hydrology Breakout Group presentation
Land Cover Breakout Group presentation
Oceanography Breakout Group presentation
Planetary Breakout Group presentation
IT & Synthesis Breakout Group presentation
Education & Outreach Breakout Group presentation
IGRIDS presentation (Bernard Minster)

IT Breakout Group write-up
Education & Outreach Breakout Group write-up

ESSP AO Tentative Schedule

Draft AO release No Earlier Than December 2004
AO release March 2005
Step-One Proposals due June 2005
Step-One Recommendations announced October 2005
Step-Two Proposals due March 2006
Site visits May-June 2006
Step-two selections announced September 2006
Contracts awarded October 2006

*note: Schedule is based on a December 2004 release of the Draft AO.

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