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The ambitious research agenda of the solid-Earth community will provide unprecedented levels of highly accurate data. To achieve the accuracies and the spatial and temporal resolution needed to answer the highest-priority questions about the solid Earth, however, will require new advanced spaceborne technologies.Several promising technologies lie just beyond current capabilities.

Systematic development of technologies through the Earth Science Technology Office (ESTO), Advanced Component Technology Program (ACT), the Instrument Incubator Program (IIP), and the New Millennium Program (NMP) will help reduce the risk, development time, and cost of the target missions. The new technologies that will result in the highest science payoff are summarized in the illustration below. Other enabling technologies will be identified in coming years, but the figure serves to show the importance of investing in technology to meet the requirements for future science return.

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Technology Development Chart

Integrated Program for Solid Earth Science: Technology Development, Observational Strategies, Education, Information Systems, Research & Analysis, Supporting Frameworks  
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