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  1. Solid Earth Science reseach topics
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1. Solid Earth Science research topics


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Sea level changes

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Tectonics and climate interaction

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Mantle and crust dynamics

Continental drift and plate tectonics
Crustal dynamics map (VLBI)
Digital tectonic activity map
Global plate motion models
GRACE-Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment

GRACE overview animation
Gravity Map

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Magnetic field dynamics

Canadian Magnetic Observatory Network
Global magnetization maps
Magnetic field of the Earth (USGS)

Magnetic field overview (NASA)

Magnetic field overview (Smithsonia Institute)

Magnetosphere art gallery

NASA/Goddard IGRF Geomagnetic Reference Field Model

Real-time geomagnetic changes in Kiruna, Sweden
Space Environment Center (NOAA)

Space Environment Center (NOAA) Current Space Weather

Space Weather Updates (NOAA)

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2. Data

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3. Mulitmedia & CD-ROMS

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4. Similar Resource Lists (online)

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5. Educational Resources

    Higher Education

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Disclaimer: The above listings should not be considered endorsements by Solid Earth Science Program, NASA, or the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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